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Capital stock a range of ancillary products to support the installation and operation of our materials, enabling Capital to offer the complete package to our customers.Installation by former vibrator gives a denser, more consistent and more repeatable installation. Mechanisation reduces the effect of different installers and, by eliminating the need for spiking between layers, means less likelihood of lamination or of tearing the mica sheet, both of which can lead to metal penetration. Less vibration by hand ramming also means less exposure to 'vibration white finger'.
Wash coats are typically used to protect the underlying refractory lining from chemical attack or slag build up, by both chemically repelling slag and preventing mechanical damage by acting as a parting agent or sacrificial lining.Capital offer a number of different wash coats suitable for a range of applications; see the table below.
Below is a sequence of photographs showing a typical installation of a dry vibration rammable into a small coreless induction furnace.
Capital Refractories employees a team of installation engineers with many years experience of installation of aluminium melting/holding furnaces. Castables for aluminium melting/holding furnaces can be viewed by clicking the Refractories for Aluminium Furnaces link.Capital has introduced a range of castables for aluminium melting and holding. The products are marketed under the Capiral, Capisil, Capflow and Capilight names and are produced using high grade raw materials. They are designed to cope with the most demanding applications and are suitable for all areas of melting and holding furnaces, ladles and launders. We also supply dry vibration rammables for coreless induction furnaces. All of our products for aluminium applications have undergone extensive and rigorous testing and many ha...
CoilsThe skilled industry-trained engineers at Coils & Cables offer both a repair and replacement service.We aim to work with you to minimise disruption and downtime.We can repair damage caused under many circumstances,such as : water leakage,mechanical damage and metal penetration.We can also repair coild posts and rescreed the coil.Wherever possible we will carry out the repair in suitable area of the foundry so as to minimise the repair time.However,sometimes it may be necessary to perform the repair at ourwell-equipped facility in the West Midlands. We can manufacture new coils based on your drawing or from your existing coil.CablesCoils and Cables can cater for all your water-cooled cable needs. Our expertise means that we can either manufacture new cables or repair old ones. This...
CIC's parent company, Capital Refractories Limited (CRL), is one of the largest independent refractory and industrial ceramics companies in the UK. CRL has been manufacturing, supplying and installing high quality refractory ceramic and refractory products to metal melters for over 50 years. Capital provides a wide range of bespoke ceramic and refractory products such as iso-pressed and cast crucibles for investment casters, along with nozzles, tubes and ladles as well as dry rammed induction furnace linings to aerospace, medical, automotive and other industries. Numerous existing Capital customers in these industries are now discussing their ceramic core requirements with CIC, reassured by the service and expertise that Capital has already demonstrated in its supply of high tech refra...
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