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Below is a sequence of photographs showing a typical installation of a dry vibration rammable into a small coreless induction furnace.
Capital Refractories employees a team of installation engineers with many years experience of installation of aluminium melting/holding furnaces. Castables for aluminium melting/holding furnaces can be viewed by clicking the Refractories for Aluminium Furnaces link.Capital has introduced a range of castables for aluminium melting and holding. The products are marketed under the Capiral, Capisil, Capflow and Capilight names and are produced using high grade raw materials. They are designed to cope with the most demanding applications and are suitable for all areas of melting and holding furnaces, ladles and launders. We also supply dry vibration rammables for coreless induction furnaces. All of our products for aluminium applications have undergone extensive and rigorous testing and many ha...
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