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Capital Refractories is able to supply a full range of isostatically pressed crucibles from 2kg capacity to 75 kg, in different grades and qualities. The advantages of Isostatically Pressed Crucibles are: 1.Wide range of qualities. 2.Wide range of crucibles sizes. 3.Smooth internal surface giving a reduction of inclusions. 4.Consistent material properties throughout crucible. 5.Cost effective.Capital Refractories is able to offer a range of vibration cast crucibles.
Capital Refractories one-shot crucible system provides the quality conscious investment caster with considerable improvements in terms of product quality. Since the liner is only used once, there is no risk of cross-contamination of alloys, and inclusions are drastically reduced.DescriptionThe system comprises a multi-use outer crucible (back-up liner), and a fused silica or alumina, single-use, crucible liner. One-shot liner crucibles are available in a wide range of sizes. Capital are happy to discuss individual customers requirements.
Crucibles are produced by vibration casting (Vibro-cast) when the required size or shape is un economic or impractical by the isopressing production method.Benefits1、Melt capacities in excess of 100 kg.2、Complex shapes, e.g.. internal pouring siphon.If the size you require is not listed please contact us and we will endeavour to fulfil your requirements.The normal crucible mixes below can all be cast into different pre-cast shapes, including Teapot ladles.
Capital Refractories Limited is the sole UK agents for August Gundlach GmbH to supply their Mars Isomelt range of graphite-silicon carbide crucibles for non-ferrous melting. Mars crucibles are renowned for high performance and quality. August Gundlach has produced crucibles for over 100 years, pioneering crucible manufacture by isostatic pressing. The Mars Isopress system is designed to produce a superior product to competitors' products that are produced by manufacturing processes such as uni-axial pressing, hand tamping, vibro-casting or dollying. August Gundlach's unique process, protected by worldwide patents, represents the most modern forming and manufacturing system in this field of refractories.Benefits of Mars Crucibles1、High thermal conductivity saves energy by quicker me...
Capital Refractories has now incorporated their gas diffuser technology into a pressed crucible. The resultant metallurgical treatment crucible is a multi-use, isostatically pressed one-piece refractory vessel with an integral gas supply device.The granulometry of the crucibles walls and base is such that gas can easily travel through it. This allows the gas to enter the metal not just from the base but also the side walls as shown in the animation to the right. The outer wall of the crucible can be coated with an inorganic sealant to inhibit loss of gas through the external surface. Trials have indicated that these crucibles are very effective in imparting the benefits of gas diffusion to metal: homogenising the melt and removing slag particles to the surface. In many cases, there appears...
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