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Capital Refractories supply a range of earth leakage electrodes (spiders), which are suitable for all sizes and makes of coreless induction furnace.
Capital supply ceramic blanket which offers both acoustic and thermal insulation characteristics. Ceramic Fibre Blanket is a lightweight, flexible, needled blanket made from blown ceramic fibres. The long interlocking fibres make it strong enough for most applications. Ceramic Fibre Blanket is completely inorganic, with no fumes when heating up for the first time.Ceramic Fibre Blanket is a high strength, low shrinkage, highly resilient insulator with low heat storage capacity and complete resistance to thermal shock. It is unaffected by most chemicals except hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalis. If wet by water or steam, thermal and physical properties remain unaffected after drying.Fibre blanket is available in a range of densities: 64, 96, 128 and 164 kg m-3 and thi...
Capital Refractories supply vacuum-formed products produced by Brighcross Insulation Limited. Riser sleeves with coned section and integral knife edged "Breaker" section. Wall thickness can be adjusted to suit application. All sizes available in Standard Insulating, Exothermic, Alufibe and Silin grades and can be impregnated with silica for greater erosion resistance.A wide range of products is available as shown and listed below1、Flanged Cone2、Hot tops3、Ingot mould4、Ladles5、Open cones6、Pot liners7、Pouring basins8、Pouring bush9、Pouring cups10、Sampling spoons11、Tap out cones
Capital Refractories supply a wide range of riser sleeves produced for Capital by Brightcross Insulation. The photographs show the wide range (over one hundred) available.Riser sleeves with coned section and integral knife edged "Breaker" section. Wall thickness can be adjusted to suit application. All sizes available in Standard Insulating, Exothermic, Alufibe and Silin grades. Riser sleeves can be impregnated with silica for greater erosion resistance.
Capital Refractories supply formers in steel or copper to customer specifications.
Capital Refractories supply Moist Felt, Foil Wrapped Insulation Boards and bricks for use between ladle shells and the cast lining to control heat loss. They are also used in other applications such as auto-pour units.Moist Felt is supplied in 0.5 m widths and 1 m lengths and 5 mm thicknesses.Foil wrapped Insulation Boards are supplied in a wide range of sizes with thicknesses of 3, 5, 7 and 10 mm.Insulation bricks are supplied in several grades depending on service requirements. For further details click here.
Capital Refractories Capital Refractories supply Refracoarse (a high quality chamotte), fused silica and fused mullite for use by investment casters for core build-up. Closed sizings have low dust levels.The typical chemistries are shown in the table below.Typical sizings are shown in the table below, although other gradings may be available on request.
CerSett is produced by Cermatco and marketed exclusively for the foundries industry by Capital Refractories. CerSett can be made using a range of aggregates and differnet set times. Further details can be found on the Cermatco website.The most common grade is CerSett Z4 which is based on zircon with an average set time of 4 minutes at 20°C.Capital Refractories offer a patching material ideally suited for repairing and sealing investment casting cores.Compositonal details are summarised below:
The slip plane is positioned against the coil screed to provide a smooth surface. This is essential for uninhibited reversible movement of the refractory lining caused by its thermal expansion and contraction. The mica also offers a degree of protection against metal penetration.Capital offer a range of micanites to cover most circumstances and preferences.
Capital Refractories' thermocouples may be used with our Digiterm 97 temperature measuring instrument and lance. The tips are compatible with most other similar machines.Digiterm 97 has the following features:1、Robust.2、Digital LED display (easy to read in foundry conditions).3、Rechargable battery operated.4、Portable.5、Indicates when the thermocouple is open circuit (broken).6、Indicates when the temperature plateau is reached.7、Quick response time, typically temperature reading within 4 seconds.8、Suitable for Type R or S thermocouples.9、Temperature range 500 - 1750℃.10、Ten reading memory.
Capital stock a range of ancillary products to support the installation and operation of our materials, enabling Capital to offer the complete package to our customers.Installation by former vibrator gives a denser, more consistent and more repeatable installation. Mechanisation reduces the effect of different installers and, by eliminating the need for spiking between layers, means less likelihood of lamination or of tearing the mica sheet, both of which can lead to metal penetration. Less vibration by hand ramming also means less exposure to 'vibration white finger'.
Wash coats are typically used to protect the underlying refractory lining from chemical attack or slag build up, by both chemically repelling slag and preventing mechanical damage by acting as a parting agent or sacrificial lining.Capital offer a number of different wash coats suitable for a range of applications; see the table below.
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