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The web-site of Capital Refractories (Shanghai) Technology LTD. goes life.
发布时间: 2012 - 11 - 19
Capital Refractories Indonesian subsidiary has launched its own website. See for details.
发布时间: 2010 - 10 - 29
Capital Refractories Limited is pleased to announce that we have recently opened our own production plant in the USA. This gives us even more flexibilty to meet your needs in the global marketplace.
发布时间: 2010 - 06 - 24
My father, David Russell Newsome, BSc Hons, CEng, MIChemE, Managing Director and founder of the modern day Capital Refractories Limited, died suddenly on 19th September, aged 67 years. With his long time partner and brother-in-law, Graham Stuart Harris, my father acquired Capital Refractories Limited in 1981. At the time, the company could be described as a small company trading locally in refractory materials. Very soon after taking charge of Capital, my father had identified opportunities to improve steel foundries’ refractory quality and performance with a range of high tech refractory...
发布时间: 2009 - 09 - 25
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