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Capital Refractories Limited is pleased to announce that their subsidiary company, Capital Injection Ceramics Limited, has received a prestigious award from an important customer in recognition of CIC’s ability to react responsively and satisfying their technical and production requirements on some of their most complex core requirements. In May, CIC attended Doncasters Deritend’s supplier conference where Doncasters Group CEO Eric Lewis discussed the group’s results and highlights of the last 12 months and shared his expectations for Doncasters’ business growth and of the role of supplie...
发布时间: 2008 - 09 - 01
Example 1An investment foundry of carbon steel had been used to MgO crucibles (100kg) that achieved 60 heats in average. The 1st trial of Coral SMC and GD achieved 130 heats. At present, Coral SMC achieved more than 150 heats in average. Advantages of GD:•Lining life increased from 60 heats (MgO crucible) to 150 heats (SMC).•Defects of carbon steel SUH7 reduced from 23.46% to 16.19%.•Due to reduced defects, economic benefits increased by 8.53% on SUH7 steel. Example 2An investment foundry of stainless steel has been using Capital spinel linings for years. Using our GD, they have gained mo...
发布时间: 2007 - 05 - 23
Capital Refractories has been involved in developing the Unibore system for use in automatic pouring systems. It has been specifically designed to accommodate a shallow nozzle which caters for the small gap between the automatic pouring tundish and the mould. The advantages of using Unibore with automatic pouring systems include:• Downtime is reduced. The Unibore inner nozzle can be removed and changed allowing casting to be re-started quickly.• The design of Unibore ensures the same bore size can be maintained throughout casting. • Labour is reduced due to the reduced changeover time.• The am...
发布时间: 2006 - 09 - 08
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