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Capital Refractories is one of the largest independent refractory companies in the world. Capital Refractories has been manufacturing, supplying and installing high quality refractory products to metal melters for almost 50 years. Today, Capital Refractories' services to the metallurgical and thermal process industries operate on a global scale, with clients in over 40 countries worldwide.

Since 2005, Capital Refractories has cooperated under license agreement with Minelco Tianjin Minerals for Chinese market. Our further progress is that a wholly owned subsidiary in China has established since 2012 by name of Capital Refractories (Shanghai) Technology Limited. By taking this significant step, Capital Refractories is showing its commitment to a long term presence in China.

We believe in the future success of our industry in China and want to play an ever increasing role in helping this market succeed. We introduce aggressively from western countries advanced technology of installation and maintenance as well as consulting services into Chinese market. This new structure with assistance from UK is intended for enhancing customer service and ensuring the highest quality control and product development for growing our market in China.


Induction furnace linings 

Capital Refractories specialises in supplying refractory linings and associated products to metal melting, foundry and cement industries around the world. Capital Refractories manufactures a wide range of dry vibration rammable products for lining coreless induction furnaces, vacuum coreless induction furnaces and channel induction furnaces for the melting of steel and high temperature alloys, iron, copper, bronze, aluminium and masteralloys. These dry vibration induction furnace linings include refractories based on alumina-magnesia spinel-forming systems, fused and dead-burnt magnesia-based systems, alumina and alumino-silicate-based formulations. Capital Refractories also supply magnesia and magnesia-chrome bricks for furnace linings. The dry vibration induction furnace rammables are supplemented by a wide range of topping, ramming and patching refractories and other refractory products.




Capital Refractories manufacture a wide, and growing, range of isostatically pressed, vibrocast and slip cast crucibles. The range of qualities available include alumina, chrome-alumina, magnesia, zirconia, zircon and mullite. Capital also manufacture one-shot crucible liners based on fused alumina and fused silica.


Refractory castables




Capital Refractories has an extensive range of castables, which can be supplied pre-cast and fired, for the metal melting, cement and other heat-processing industries. The castables range include dense, insulating and gunnable medium (standard) cement castables, low cement castables and free-flow (self-flow) castables. Capital Refractories also has a comprehensive range of non-wetting, aluminophobic and insulation castables specifically designed for primary and secondary melting of aluminium.


Bottom pour ladle systems


Capital Refractories provides a range of products to improve cast quality such as the Unibore/Multicast stopper and nozzle bottom pour system for ladles and auto pour which improves metal flow and quality as well as offering a quick change nozzle for improved cleanliness or to easily change nozzle diameters.


Coil repair



Capital Refractories is able to offer foundries induction furnace coil supply and repair. The Coils & Cablesdivision is equipped to carry out on-site emergency call-out for water leaks, mechanical damage, metal penetration, earth leakage problems and coil screeding. Coil repair and refurbishment can also be carried out at the well equipped works conveniently based in the West Midlands. Coils & Cables also supply water cooled power cables, copper busbars and related insulators and fittings.


Ancillary Products


Capital Refractories also supplies a wide range of ancillary products such as furnace formers, mica sheet, vacuum-cast fibre products, temperature measurement equipment, insulation materials and earth leakage electrodes. Capital also supply materials for the investment casting industry including chamottes, fused silica and fused mullite for investment casting. 





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